JUL — Ukrainian mass-market brand (women’s clothing).

At JUL, we are pretty sure that a regular white T-shirt should cost like a regular white T-shirt. Without this statement our mission is impossible — we strive to make stylish and quality clothes affordable for women from all Ukrainian cities regardless of their income, figure type, and outlook on life. That’s why every day in our  production we are engaged in the creation of high-quality tailored clothes with an adequate price. Finding the balance of the first and the second captures us no less than working on the creative component of each collection.


We release two collections per year and make seasonal and thematic drops. We also have permanent cashmere and knitwear clothing lines. The founder and creative director of the brand is stylist Julia Logvin.

All JUL clothes are made in Ukraine.



JUL strives to make stylish and high-quality clothes affordable for women of all Ukrainian cities, regardless of income level, figure type and outlook on life.



Each of our collections is a complete wardrobe. All the clothes in our collections are easily combined. It’s important because basic clothing is the core. Equally important to us is diversity because the life of a modern woman is supersocial and active. Therefore, the JUL collections have a place for both casual and exquisite clothing. To study or to the office, a date or a walk — JUL always has an answer to the question “What to wear?”. We adapt fashion trends to real life and release collections in limited edition.



We are pretty sure that a regular white T-shirt should cost like a regular white T-shirt and a basic black dress — as a basic black dress. We always look after the quality of our products and the price, and most importantly — the balance between them. Our own production helps us to reduce the many costs that outsourced brands face. At the same time, we do not neglect the quality of materials to reduce costs. JUL always chooses quality fabrics at a reasonable price.



JUL brand founder Julia Logvin is a stylist with an impressive experience in fashion retail. She also works as a personal specialist for absolutely different women. Julia translated her experience into a language of design — understandable, relevant and accessible.



We treat the planet with love and respect. That’s why we mainly use natural fabrics, and only those materials that are easily recyclable in the packaging and are not dangerous for the environment. We are against mindless consumerism — we are for smart shopping. That’s why we release collections in limited edition. We are for ethical production with the best working conditions.

We love and respect everyone who creates JUL.