MONATIK x JUL x Gen. Ukrainian presents a joint charity collection.

A bright heart complemented by a deep inscription "Love heals wounds. Be yourself" is the main element depicted on the drop's items. This is a scanned image of a child undergoing rehabilitation at the special educational and rehabilitation camp Gen. Camp dealing with children who lost their parents in the war. Having lost the most valuable, they find the strength to rise to give this world another chance and teach others great wisdom.

The visual composition became an inspiration both for the singer and composer MONATIK and for the Ukrainian clothing brand JUL. Especially for the collaboration, the artist created a musical arrangement, and also wrote a poem with a deep and insightful message. In the audio you can also hear the voices of MONATIK's children - Danylo and Platon.

And JUL recreated the pattern on items from the MONATIK x JUL x Gen. Ukrainian joint collection. The drop consists of a longsleeve and an insulated hoodie, made of high-quality knitwear, which will become a necessary base in the wardrobe of the cool season. The palette is presented in classic shades - light gray and soft white colors.