Introducing JUL summer - a fresh take on classic silhouettes. Light fabrics and a redesigned base. Relaxed and fresh.
JUL summer is about your summer: colorful, warm, light, playful. About the smell of flowers, torrential rain, warm evenings and sunrise. Summer is a small life.


With care for your comfort, we present the Resort collection. These things are designed to be an integral part of an active life and the moments of peace and relaxation that we all need so much.
Inspired by the beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians, the elusive fern flower, we present original prints.
Sweatshirts and hoodies preserve warm memories of vacations in the Carpathians, and soft velor suits from JUL Resort will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation and rest.
The collection includes: sweatshirts, windbreakers, T-shirts, tracksuits, bicycles, as well as unisex models of hoodies, shorts and T-shirts.


The Spring 24 collection is characterized by natural and neutral shades such as: beige, gray, black and blue. These colors create the basis for flawless combinations and allow the elements of the collection to harmoniously complement each other. From classic jackets to delicate dresses, each item impresses with its simplicity and elegance.


With this collection, we want to remind you of the wonder, values ​​and traditions that unite us like never before.
The main visual element of the collection was the Star of Bethlehem - one of the most important attributes of Christmas. Ukrainian artist Polina Moroz was entrusted with interpreting the vision of the symbol of light.
This time, the collection was supplemented with special jewelry for the first time - in cooperation with the Ukrainian stylist and founder of the jewelry brand LUTIKI - Sonya Soltes.


We have united to tell you about the coziness in which you want to wrap yourself from head to toe, as well as about inner peace, which can be somewhat difficult to find today. And of course, we added notes of good irony thanks to the minimalistic design with images of breakfasts that tell about special morning rituals.



MONATIK x JUL x Gen. Ukrainian presents a joint charity collection.

A bright heart complemented by a deep inscription "Love heals wounds. Be yourself" is the main element depicted on the drop's items. This is a scanned image of a child undergoing rehabilitation at the special educational and rehabilitation camp Gen. Camp dealing with children who lost their parents in the war. Having lost the most valuable, they find the strength to rise to give this world another chance and teach others great wisdom.

The visual composition became an inspiration both for the singer and composer MONATIK and for the Ukrainian clothing brand JUL. Especially for the collaboration, the artist created a musical arrangement, and also wrote a poem with a deep and insightful message. In the audio you can also hear the voices of MONATIK's children - Danylo and Platon.

And JUL recreated the pattern on items from the MONATIK x JUL x Gen. Ukrainian joint collection. The drop consists of a longsleeve and an insulated hoodie, made of high-quality knitwear, which will become a necessary base in the wardrobe of the cool season. The palette is presented in classic shades - light gray and soft white colors.



Every Ukrainian recognizes "Red Ruth" from the first chords. In the 52 years since its first sound, it has become an unofficial anthem of Ukrainian identity, so much so that the song is often perceived as a folk song.
In 2021, for the 50th anniversary of the composition, the JUL brand for the first time released a collection dedicated to "Red Ruth". This year, in collaboration with the ethnographic visual diary Ukrainian Folks, a full-fledged collection dedicated to the undeniably best Ukrainian love song is released.
The flower is made by the artist @assha__world.


For Independence Day, the mass-market women's clothing brand JUL teamed up with famous Ukrainian artists of the 90s to create a special musical merch tribute to the times that were characterized by drive, freedom and openness to experimentation, and the people who created those times. In an effort to develop our own culture in Ukraine and beyond, we present a collection of t-shirts with images of iconic albums of Ukrainian artists.

The first drop included "Vopli Vidopliasova" with covers of "Khvyli Amura" and "Either Or Not", "Skriabin" from "Dance of the Penguin", "Entrance in Changeable Shoes" from "VUZV. Planned party" and "Rusya" from the "Selected" selection. Thus, at JUL, a culture of using merch clothing with national cultural content is being initiated, which, we hope, will become another tradition for Ukrainians. The line will be supplemented with images of other artists and their works.

With the "Ukrainian Wave" collection, we say our "thank you" to those who gave life to the Ukrainian independent music scene, to those who now represent it with dignity, and in advance, to the new stars that will shine in the future.