free delivery for orders over UAH 3,500
free delivery for orders over UAH 3,500
free delivery for orders over UAH 3,500
free delivery for orders over UAH 3,500
free delivery for orders over UAH 3,500


You can return/exchange the Product within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the moment of receiving the order.
Product return/exchange is carried out by the Nova Poshta delivery service.
Returns and exchanges are possible subject to the following conditions:
  • the product was purchased in the online store (if you purchased the product offline in our showroom or department store TSUM, the product can be returned there, that is, in the showroom or department store TSUM);
    no more than 14 calendar days have passed since the order was received;
    available confirmation of payment for goods and delivery;
    available settlement document (cashier's check or its copy) - a copy of the settlement document taken from the control tape and/or a certificate from the police or a bank and/or a check from a payment terminal and/or an SMS message about the withdrawal of funds and/or testimony of witnesses are not settlement documents in understanding of current legislation;
    a completed return/exchange application is available;
  • the product to be returned must have a commercial appearance and no signs of use (presence of tags, labels, etc.);
    The buyer has covered all costs related to the return/exchange of the product of proper quality (including the costs related to delivery).
    exchange is possible only for goods of identical value;
    special conditions of return apply to some Products of the online store, namely: swimwear - the manufacturer's hygienic sticker must be present.​​​​​​​ The following products cannot be exchanged/returned: gloves, hosiery, underwear, perfume cosmetic products;
  • if within 14 calendar days from the moment of receipt of the Goods, a significant defect in the goods (hidden defect or factory defect) was discovered, the Goods will be accepted by the Seller for repair or exchange, provided that they are impossible to refund. If you discover a significant defect in the Product, please write to us about it at, on Instagram or contact us on Telegram +38 068 177 11 99 (@JUL_official). In this case, the return of the Goods is carried out by the "Nova Poshta" delivery service, and all costs associated with the delivery of goods of inadequate quality are borne by the Seller;
  • return and exchange of Goods is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine, with the exception of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the occupied territories and the zone where hostilities are taking place;
    the seller has the right to refuse the Buyer the return of quality Goods, which, in accordance with Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumer Rights" and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On the Implementation of Certain Provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumer Rights" No. 172 of March 19, 1992, are recognized as such, which is non-refundable.

*In addition, please note that the receipt and the return/exchange application are on the same sheet that we enclose with each order. If you did not receive the statement or it was lost, write us a letter about it to our email

ADDRESS FOR SENDING GOODS (address delivery):

Virozub Daryna Dmytrivna
The city of Brovary
Str. Oleha Onikiienka, 134


  • the item has not been used (including its use for photo/video recording) and has retained its commercial appearance;
    clothes are not washed;
  • there are no stains/tonal cream/animal hair/perfume aroma etc. on the clothes;
  • present label, sticker, label, etc. All labels, stickers, labels must be unseparated (not torn or cut off) from the product;
  • the item was returned in its original packaging.

In case of non-compliance with the above points, the item is NOT subject to return/exchange. Such clothing will be sent back at the Buyer's expense.


  1. check that the goods are subject to return, according to the specified conditions;
    put the goods in the original packaging;
    when sending a return/exchange, you must indicate the full amount of the product, which is indicated on the receipt. After all, the Postal Service returns only the estimated value of the parcel, in case of its loss or damage;
  2. when returning promotional goods with gifts, assemble the entire set that was received;
    fill out the application for return/exchange, where to indicate:
  • if it is an exchange, then indicate the product (also its size, color) for which you wish to exchange
  • if it is a return, then indicate your passport data (passport series, number, as well as the authority that issued it), the reason for the return, and tick the item you are returning. If you paid for the order with bank details, you will need to provide your ITN (Individual Taxpayer Number), IBAN and card number so that the finance department can process the refund;
  • date and signature.


  • after receiving the goods and confirmation by the Seller that the requirements for the returned goods are met, we refund the funds;
  • if the payment on the site was made through the LiqPay system, the funds will be automatically returned to the card from which the payment was made. Otherwise, the refund is made by transfer to the Buyer's bank card, the number and IBAN of which was indicated in the return application - no later than 5 (five) working days from the moment of receipt by the Seller of the returned goods and confirmation of the Buyer's compliance with the terms of the return of the goods;
  • when returning funds to the Buyer's bank card, the period of receipt of funds to the Buyer's account may depend on the policy of the bank that issued the card;
  • Please note that shipping costs are not refundable. We also note that if you paid customs duties/taxes when you received the goods, the amount of these payments, i.e. customs duties/taxes, is non-refundable.