JUL: Payment


Cash to Courier

You can pay the courier in hryvnias directly at the time of delivery. Courier delivery is carried out in Kyiv the next day after the order is accepted.

Bank Card

Payment by Visa or MasterCard.

Via Terminal

Pay in cash through numerous terminals in any city of Ukraine. You can also pay with a bank card through many ATMs. Find the PrivatBank logo in the terminal or ATM menu and enter the payment code.


You can print the receipt and pay it at any bank branch.


Shop safely without revealing your credit card information. PayPal will protect you if there are any issues with your purchase.


Card Payment via Liqpay.com

LiqPAY rapidly integrates with many payment systems and platforms, becoming a standard for payment transactions.

Payment via Pay2Pay

The universal payment service Pay2Pay aims to simplify the process of accepting electronic payments on your site. We are open to all new and cutting-edge solutions.

Cash at the Autolux Office

When delivering an order with Autolux, you can pay for the order at their office directly upon receiving the goods.