SANDALOGY body lotion 300ml ONE SIZE

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This lotion is incredible to touch. Like a soft soufflé which penetrates quickly, moisturizes longly and embraces you with magnificent scent. You will be glad to know that this pleasure suits everywhere — at home, at a gym, on a trip.

How to use:
After using Body Wash Gel, apply Lotion-Soufflé on dry skin and massage gently. Feel being in your own body as cosy as at home. Your home is beautiful.

300 ml

SANDALOGY oasis harmony dreams

Has a texture of soft soufflé and a colour of vanilla eclair to please your sensuality
Penetrates quickly, moisturize as a pro, leaves a velvet finish on your skin
Contains carefully selected oils, which moisturize, soften and plump your skin: Shea butter, Babassu oil, Almond oil, Peach kernel oil
Leaves silky finish on your skin
Almond oil intensively nourishes
Inspires you to write romantic messages to own body

For sensuous people with all skin types, even very dry

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SANDALOGY body lotion 300ml SANDALOGY body lotion 300ml
950 UAH